rana2Finally I updated my blog.

I have changed to a new template and re-edited some articles a little and I’m going to add more detail information about aromatherapy, crystal healing and  my place.

I’m also going to write more about my daily life in Tokyo.

I’m really sorry for being late to write  back to  a person who gave me an inquiry about  aromatherapy course.

I couldn’t  notice a new e-mail until today.

This happened a couple of times last year because I don’t use that e-mail address anymore and I can’t update my English web site on the sever right now.    Some people find my old site and send me an e-mail and then I’m always late to notice new e-mails.  Once a while I try to check my old e-mail box.  I had better keep checking more regularly.

Right now I can’t change the data of my web site on the server so the information in this blog is the most updated info.  I’m also updating facebook.
If you follow me on facebook, you will receive the latest info on your timeline.   There are also Japanese readers, so I write in English and Japanese on Facebook.


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