My story about fragrance

oneday2Compared to the life 10 years ago,  I think that  the number of people who are using aromatherapy in their daily life is increasing or people get interested in it more than before.

You will find a lot of diffusers or oil burners at a shop or even at MUJIRUSHI there are a corner of aromatherapy products.

Nowadays in Japan,  various kinds of fabric softners and room sprays with fragrance are sold at stores and many people started to use them.

Many people want some fragrance ?

Actually I dont’t like wearing perfumes or any other deodorants.   Since  my pregnancy,  I became more sensitive to any fragrance or chemical products.

I really don’t like artificial scent such as perfume, a  fabric softner with fragrance, an aromatic scent for toilet or room.  Unfortunately those products  makes me feel sick  and sometimes give me a headache in the train or any place where people get together.

Going out somewhere is quite challenging for me but somehow I survive in Tokyo thanks to aromatherapy.

The only thing I can accept without being sick is 100% pure natural organic essential oils.

I realized that just inhaling the scent of essential oils is so  powerful to affect on your brain.
It can affect us in many ways all at once.

At first I was studying about aromatherapy by myself.

Through books and internet resources.

One day I  knew about Japan Holistic Aromatherapy Society and their essential oils were therapeutic grade level and the fragrance of their oils change depending on your energy level.

It was really surprising.    It was really different than any other oils.

The scent of  these essential oils respond to  your state of mind and your energy level.

It’s all up to you.

Holistic aromatherapy helps to balance your mind, body and spirit.

Their class told me about the law of energy and through essential oils I was able to learn what was energy about and how I could deal with energies in my daily life.

The more you know about yourself,  the more you will be healed and happy because all answers are already   within yourself.

Every person has their own way and awareness in life and these oils help you to awake yourself, know your inner self
and understand yourself better.

I provide 1 day workshop (90-120 minutes) , 7 series aromatherapy lessons for beginner and a diploma course.
If you would like to learn holistic aromatherapy deeply including treatment and healing technique, then a diploma course is suitable to learn.

7 series aromatherapy lessons are  an introductory   for beginners who never  used essential oils before.   I arranged curriculum  to get used to essential oils and you can also experience the fragrance and the energy of oils in the class.   Even you can’t feel anything, that’s ok.   Evert person has their own step and pace.    If you start to use these oils and get to used to them,   your five senses start to change sooner or later.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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