It’s been a while since I updated my blog.   I always wanted to write something but I couldn’t write anything here.

Once a while I write a short journal or information on facebook.

It’s easier because I don’t have to write a lot but when it comes to a blog, I feel like I have to write something longer.

Actually there are many things to write about but I always wonder how I’m gonna write in English.  I might make a mistake.   My English is like a child.  I might make a stupid mistake.  I might not able to explain very well.   Those idea stop me writing but I decided to change my thoughts.

I want to keep a journal even it’s a short and it will make a difference.

By the way  the flower in the photo is the tree called “HANAMIZUKI” in Japanese, it is planted in front of our apartment.  Until yesterday I didn’t notice this tree.   I have been living here almost 5 years  and I didn’t notice this tree.  Wow, how come?   There are several plants together so those might hide the tree or I might have seen it  before but I didn’t pay much attention and it didn’t catch my eyes.

Sometimes this happens.

I see the same scenery but one day I notice there are more.

I overlooked the whole, I was just looking a part of it.  I didn’t see things fully and I realized that’s what I have been missing.  I always looked only one part and didn’t try to look the  whole.    I needed to change the way I look at.   We can say the same thing  for every situation.

The other day I did my workshop of Aromatherapy to an American and a Japanese.   I taught them in English.   Teaching aromatherapy in English is always challenging for me but at the same time it’s very interesting , enjoyable and inspiring.   I talked about not only about the basic knowledge of essential oil, but also about energy.

We are all made of energy and everything has  energy.

It’s all around us even though it’s hard to see it.

IMG_7205Essential oils also have energy so it’s so important to know about how energy works between oils and us  because everything interact with each other and we influence each other.

Actually our thoughts and mind create energy.

What you think and feel create the energy so words are not just what we hear, write, speak and read, they have become what we create and how we interact with the world around us, and essential oils which I’m using are very special.

It responds to a person’s state of mind (energy) and the fragrance will change.  Usually it doesn’t change this much. We did a little experience together.   It’s always interesting to see how the fragrance changes.



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