Gluten free in Japan

One of students is allergic to wheat and another person is celiac disease.   I was asked if there are gluten free products in Tokyo area and surprisingly I realized that in every products wheat is used.  Wheat allergy is not so common in Japan but some Japanese people have wheat allergy and there are some products for wheat allergy people.   The information about gluten free is very limited so I’m going to write about what I found in Tokyo or other area in Japan in this blog once a while.

I have been trying  out to stop eating wheat products as much as possible whether my body condition changes or not because actually I have some problem with my bowels but now it seems better.

I enjoy  looking for gluten free products or recipe.

The other day I had  lunch with my friend in Shinjuku at rawfood cafe called “Tahitian Noni cafe”
The place is near Tocho (Tokyo Government office)

Rawfood is basically gulten free but soy sauce contains wheat so if you are severe allergy against wheat or you have celiac disease.   Nutsrolls are already tasty if they are tasted with salt and other ingredients only, you don’t have to dip them into soy sauce.  You had better ask what ingredients are.

Desserts are all made from nuts and dried fruits so they are gluten free.
Next time I would like to try rawfood cake.

*Tahitian Noni Cafe   (website …Japanese)
nearest station, JR Shinjuku station or Metro Tocho-mae station



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