Last weekend I participated a workshop about “Healing” by JHAS (Japan Holistic Aromatherapy Society) in Tateshina, Nagano.

Healing itself  is not special because everyone  and animals has an innate ability of healing.

We just don’t use it or we just don’t recognize it.      Everyone can do it if your energy gets pure and makes your dormant energy awake.

In the aromatherapy diploma course, we learn about healing techniques too because  our thoughts and emotions become energy.   It always affects on our body and energy.

That energy could be the power of healing so it’s really important to know about how energy relates to our thoughts and how it affects on our body.

As you learn about aromatherapy and energy, gradually your energy circuit become open and you will be able to feel more  and emanate energy by the time you get a diploma.  JHAS set up the curriculum in order to be able to do that and in addition to the course, every year we have an opportunity  to get together and do practice together to improve the quality of healing and enhance the power of healing.

It’s always very interesting and amazing to know some cases, someone’s experiences and things we have to be careful about.  There are so many things to learn every year.  When we do healing session together, the size of vibration gets more bigger and magnifies  the power of healing.   That’s really really amazing.

The URL below is written by my teachers, the founders of JHAS and it’s written in Japanese but you can enjoy seeing photos of sessions and some people may feel the subtle energy from photos if you are very sensitive to the vibration.

We did self-healing, chakra healing practices each other and some healing practice together.
The dinner was so delicious. There was a funny performance by a couple.






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