The workshop of crystal healing in Tokyo

I created a new workshop for anyone interested in crystal healing or self healing with crystals.

In this workshop you can experience the energy of crystals and know more about crystals.

I’m also using essential oils since the affinity between crystals and essential oils is amazing.
Crystals love to works with essential oils and some oils can cleanse the energy of crystals and boost the power and the effect of crystals.  It creates a synergistic effects.

This workshop has 3 sessions.
The booking will start from now on and then I’ll adjust my schedule.

The place is located in Nerima-ku,  Tokyo.
You can come to my place by bus from Nerima Station (Toei Ooedo line or Seibu Ikebukuro line) or walk from Nerima-Kasugacho station (Toei Ooedo line)
I will tell you the way when the booking is confirmed.

It’s possible to sign up one session alone or combine two sessions.

** Fee **
2500 yen each session / 90 minutes per session

#1   The gift from mother earth, communicating with crystals
The history of crystal, how to cleanse, about crystals

Practice: Breathing, Touch and  feel  the energy of crystals
Experience: Hand reflexology  with an egg shaped crystal by a therapist

#2   Healing your heart chakra
Know about heart chakra and related crystals
About positive and negative energy
Notice your energy pattern

Practice: Breathing and healing your heart chakra with crystals

#3   Balance your all chakras
About chakras and related crystals
Holistic perspective view – everything is connected
How your mind and thoughts affect your body and chakras

Practice: Self chakra healing with a crystal
Experience :   a short chakra healing session by a therapist

I also provide the Crystal Healing session
The menu of Crystal Healing sessions → ☆☆☆  Please click starts to see the details.


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