I love using crystals 

Yesterday I did the workshop of crystal healing.

It was really nice to see someone who loves crystals.

I love using crystals too.

In the workshop, I also use a few drops of essential oils, because crystals love to work with essential oils and some oils can clear the energy of crystals and humans too.

Crystals also help essential oils when their vibration is down.  They help each other.

We talked about not only about crystals but also about energy (vibration)

When you use crystals, it’s very important how you are.

Even you are very tired, sad or disappointed, crystals can help you, but if you can put your intention with positive mood, the vibration and the power of crystals are enhanced and they work for you more powerfully…so I also talk about the how important how we feel, how we live everyday.

Time passed so quickly.    I hope I can talk about more things next time.


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