1 day workshop of holistic aromatherapy

I haven’t written about the details of 1day workshop, so here it is.

I provide a couple of type of  of Holistic aromatherapy depending on theme.

Recently I focus on the emotional feelings we have every day.  It’s really important to get know what we feel and think everyday unconsciously, because  it creates our energy.

We can notice through essential oils how we are.

Each lesson takes about 90-100  minutes

*Aromatherapy with love and happiness  2500 yen
It covers how to choose, how to use essential oils and holistic aromatherapy and notice your negative pattern.   We do a little experiment about the energy by using a drop of essential oil to get know the difference of the scent of each one’s oil and each one’s energy is different.
We also do breathing session together and then make a room fragrance.

*Same content, make your own perfume bottle  3000 yen

*Aromatherapy with mothers and child   2500 yen
800 yen (elementary school) 1000 yen (Junior high school student), 1250 yen (High school student)
It’s possible to take a lesson together if your child is really interested and wants to learn.
All most same content but it’s customized for  children to make them understand easily.

*Aromatherapy for maternity   2500 yen
How to use oils during pregnancy and how to make a happy giving birth.  Talk about the importance of the marriage relationship.

In winter, I’m planing to make a hand cream at workshop.



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