The story of my daughter

It’s been two years and a few months since my daughter started to learn Holistic Aromatherapy from me.    She has finished the course and passed the graduation test.

The other day we went to Hamamatsu to take the final test to get a diploma.

When she started to learn, she was just 14 years old.  She wanted to learn it because she was always curious about what I was doing.  She was so interested in  the energy and the story of soul.

I thought it’s really good to know about the system of energy for her, because if you can aware how the energy is so important in our daily life.  Our life is much more easier to live

As times goes by, her hands and toes are getting warmer and warmer day by day.  She used to have a skin problem when she was a little.  Her body temperature was low and her hands and toes were always cold, but since she started to learn the therapy, her body began to change.

Many women in Japan have the problem of “冷え性(Hiesho)  Even the weather is warm, people who have Hiesho,  they  feels  their toes and hands are cold.

I will write about the test in the next page.


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