In Hamamatsu


As I mentioned in the previous post, we went to Hamamatsu to take the final test to get a diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy.

Hamamatsu is located in Shizuoka prefecture.   To get there, we took Shinkansen.  If you take Kodama shinkansen, sometimes you can see Mt. Fuji from the train.  Unfortunately we couldn’t see the mountain clearly because of clouds.  Next time I hope we can see the mountain.As I wanted to see my friend  who lives in Hamamatsu. We stayed at a hotel near the station. In the hotel room, I used a few drops of essential oil like this.

It smelled  so good when we were back to the hotel room.

The final test for the diploma is not always just a test.
Students from different schools of JHAS (Japan Holistic Aromatherapy society) get together  in the same room and share their stories before starting the test.

People who come on that day, they are meant to meet each other on that day.   Even though they have different backgrounds, somehow they have something in common and their vibrations are similar, so sharing their own story  is very inspiring to everyone.

“Why would you like to get a diploma? ”
“What mad you think to study this Holistic Aromatherapy at JHAS?”
“What would you like to talk about in this moment? ”

Each student answers these questions and share what they have been through so far.
Most of them on that day, they had a lots to talk about. Most of them were crying.  By sharing their thoughts and feelings, they realize what they have to overcome.

img_9574After the talk,  lunch time, then the test began. In the test, the state of your energy(vibration) and the scent of Lavender  is tested. Through your hands, Lavender oil and the way you massage to a person, it always shows the stated of your energy.

All you need to do is  just enjoy the process, relax and accept who you are.

My student got nervous a little bit.  Usually her hands are very warm, however her hands didn’t get the warm at the beginning and she felt shocked and panic.  She thought, “I have to do my best. I have to make a good result. I can’t make a mistake.”   She was thinking too much.

Usually we think we have to make the best result to do something.  Yes, it’s important to feel that way when you achieve something, that’s not a bad idea, but when you think of that too much ….. unconsciously we are afraid of making mistakes,  get worried, discouraged and we don’t accept who we are.   When we have fear, we can’t give out a good vibration.

In this test, we check how they feel about themselves.  That’s the most important thing. Whatever happens, just accept who you are, love yourself. If you can love yourself without any condition, the you have expands more and it makes your energy becomes bigger.

Through the test, it always tell you how you are.

Every time I go with my student,  I always get a-ha moment and it gives me a lot of  inspiration.

All students who had the test on that day, they had gentle energy but their facial expression was stiff. They were not confident about themselves.   In the result, they didn’t pass the final test, but everyone didn’t get disappointed (I guess)   because the result that you pass the test or not is not so important.  The most important thing is the process of you have been through.

After one month later, they will take the test again.     I’m really looking forward to going there with my daughter again.     After this test, we talked about many things and  appreciated what we have been through.

Hamamatsu is very famous for Unagi (eel)  I had a dinner of Unagi. It was really good.  It’s been a long time since I had it last time.

Personally I eat vegetarian or vegan food most of the time, but once a while I eat seafood for nutrition.   I wish I could be vegan all the time though.


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