Crystal healer course in Tateshina

I and my daughter participated in the 15th crystal healer course in Tateshina (Nagano prefecture) at the end of August.  It was the first time for my daughter.

She used to come with me when she was a little.   They have a child care, so while we are taking workshop, kids can play together with sitters.

Now she gets older. She has completed the course of aromatherapist course and crystal healing course.  Then she could take part in this course this summer.

I was so emotionally touched by her effort and passion.

Every year certified crystal healers by JCHS(Japan crystal healing society)  get together here and do several kinds of practices and sessions.   I have kept going there since they started the course (except once), so this is my 14th time.  We grow together, support together and we still keep growing, probably until we die.   Everyone will keep growing through their life lesson.

This year almost 300 healers came, so that means so many crystals also came from  all over the place.   The vibration of the place got higher and powerful.  This year I felt so something special with crystals more than before.

This course is not just for to teach healing technique, it is to remember what we used to have inside of ourselves.  Love and light.   The purpose of our life is to meet someone special (the other half), to heal the earth and to pass on the energy of love and light to many many people.

It’s  so amazing….fun and inspiring.  Even though typhoon was approaching, the sky was shining.
We enjoyed Onsen, delicious meal, entertainment by wonderful members.  We are looking forward to going there again next year.



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