The scent

I did holistic aromatherapy workshop today in English.

img_0295-1Before the workshop, I was preparing and checking the scent of each oil and I noticed one of Lavender oils has changed.

Essential oils which I’m using in my class and session have a high energy (vibration) of plants and love, so the scent of oils changes so easily, so quickly.

If you always happy and it smells good.

If you feel stressed out or if you have something negative inside of you, it doesn’t smell so good.

Oils tell you how you are.

This morning, my lavender oil has a strange smell, not bad….but it was different completely than usual.

It’s like another oil, not Lavender. It’s like Clarysage.

Oh, no….why?

I have experienced that Lavender became different Lavender many times, but this time

it’s really different.

However, there are a couple of ways to recover from that state and it’s possible to get back to the normal state by using crystals, intention and the energy of love etc.

Sometimes it takes time, depending on situations.

I and my daughter tried to fix it.

Even though in this situation, my daughter was so happy and laughing.

I told her, “It seems your soul is really happy today” then suddenly tears fell down from her eyes. She didn’t know why she cried. At that time, she was holding the bottle of Lavender.Then I checked the scent. Suddenly the weird scent changed.
It became the scent of Lavender. I was so surprised that the scent changed so quickly.

When my daughter felt so deeply something inside of herself, then it changed.

I know when the mind changes, the scent of oils also change.
This time it changed so drastically. It was so interesting and inspiring.


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