Essential oils

When you rub the surface of plant leaves, you can smell of the scent of plants.

This is the ESSENSE and the LIFE of plant.

Essential oils are full of this essense, highly concentrated, complex chemicals extracted from certain plants.


When you smell the scent of essential oils, the good oils have a wonderful scent which go through nose to brain. They have a high energy, just holding a bottle in your hand or in your pocket, the secent of oils enhance your energy level and heal you.

We are using a professional therapeutic essential oil of Essential Therapeutic in Australia.

These oils effect on your mind, body and soul very deeply.

Since they have subtle vibration of energy and the power of purification,
the scent of essential oils change so easily depending on the state of your mind and energy.

I will explain more details why this happens in the course or workshop. Usually it doesn’t  change so much.

I had many experiences when I was a student. At the first lesson, a student can have a bottle of Lavender Oil. Just having the bottle for an hour, the scent of Lavencer become different and each person’s scent is also different. The scent become different from the original one and sometimes smells bad, that tells an important message which you have to notice something in yourself. It means something wrong wih you, yourway of life, attitude, it tells your energy level, but a therapist will help to get back the scent to normal because these oils are alive, so sensitive.

While you learn in a class, you will heal your mind and body, your energy is getting higher and stronger, you will be able to get the scent back to a gentle scent by yourself.

The scent of a essential oil tells you how you are.

Your energy level.

In order to keep a sensitive and gentle scent, you need to be healed and be with full of love.

Enjoy and experience the healing energy of essential oils.

Holistic Medicine seeks to address the ‘whole person’ rather than just the symptoms and a Holistic Aromatherapy treatment
will also involve looking at the spiritual aspects of life.

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