Hello,  thank you for stopping by my place.

I  run my own aromatherapy and crystal healing salon and school “T i e r r a ” in Nerima-ku, Tokyo but the space is really small. I provide treatment, healing sessions and aromatherapy and crystal healing course at my private space: my little apartment. In Japanese, it’s called a mansion. lol

I’m living there with my Colombian husband, daughter and a girl rabitt *love-chan” and using our space as my salon and school so it’s not like going to an ordinary school.  It’s more like visiting someone’s house.
In order to provide attentive lessons, each lesson is up to 1~4 people.

In this blog, I’m going to write about my daily life in Tokyo
including aromatherapy, my family and vegetarian/vegan food etc..


miniearthTIERRA  means “Earth” in spanish .

This is my aromatherapy salon & school’s name.


Therapist profile

pro1Yoko Patiño

Japan Holistic Aromatherapy Society certified Aromatherapist
Japan Crystal Healing Society  certified Crystal Healer

I started this  job since 2004.
Please come and relax in my healing room.
I’m waiting and looking forward to seeing you.

Born in Saga,1967, have lived in Okayama, Osaka,
Toyota(Aichi), Sendai, Nagoya, Canada, Saitama and
now living in Tokyo with wonderful Colombian husband & daughter♪
My Favorite:chocolate、tart、moon、nature, flowers & angel goods etc.
*My mother language is Japanese and  speak English  (Studying French right now and speak a little bit of French and Spanish as well)
*hablo español un poquito
*Je parle français un peu.

Me gusta esta frase:
“La fuerza sin amor es energía gastada en vano”
(Albert Einstein)


Some people find my old site and send me an e-mail and then I’m always late to notice new e-mails.  Sorry.  Once a while I try to check my old e-mail box.   Right now I can’t change the data of my web site on the server so the information in this blog is the most updated info.   I’m also updating facebook.

If you follow me on Facebook, you will receive the latest info on your timeline.  Japanese readers are also subscribing so I write in English and Japanese on Facebook.


Screen shot 2015-04-25 at 8.38.06 PM


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