Aroma treatment session menu


aroma After counseling,

a session will start.

No counseling time included in the time.

When you make a reservation,
please consider taking enough time.

You need treatment time
plus counseling time
(about 15-30 minutes, sometimes longer
but it all depends on each client)

*The word “TREATMENT” means actually “Massage”
In Japan, aromatherapists are not allowed to use the word “massage” due to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

About the benefits of Aromatherapy treatment (Aromatherapy Massage)


FULL Body Treatment
10,000 yen+tax
2 hours

15,000 yen +tax
3 hours

BODY Remake
80 mins 12,000 yen +tax
(full body)

40 mins 7,000 yen+tax
(half body)

Back, Shoulders, Legs & Feet, Decollete , Arms & hands and abdomen
*Maternity treatment is also available.
Please find the info at maternity treatment. The time and price will be different.

SPECIAL: Back, Shoulders, Legs & Feet, Decollete, Arms & hands, abdomen and Lift Facial

BODY Remake: Back, Shoulders, Legs & Feet, Decollete, Arms & hands, Abdomen
*Deep relaxation, relieve muscular tension and Lymphatic drainage helps encourage a healthy circulation

Back, Legs & feet, Decollete
about 30 mins.
each 3,000yen+tax each parts, you can combine
Decollete parts included shoulder.
about 60 mins.
6,000yen+tax  A relaxing, soothing facial with special essential oils for you.
Liftup and cleansing included. It start with cleansing and then during your facial, you will  also receive a lymphatic treatment which helps drain away toxins. It includes shoulder and neck.
Set Treatment
Decollete +  Facial
about 90 mins.
8,000yen For your beauty.  Decollete includes shoulder and neck, chakra healing.  Facial includes lift up and cleansing.
about 80 mins.
6,000yen+tax Foot bath 15 min + Treatment 65 min. You don’t need to get undressed. It’s easy to get relaxed and good for the first time experience ♪
Back + feet (situmulates soles)
about 60 mins.
5,000yen+tax After the back treatment, recieve feet stimulation (reflexology)

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