Aromatherapy Diploma Course

heya1Holistic Aromatherapy Diploma Course in Tokyo

This course is designed to educate students who want to become professional aromatherapist or want to heal yourself or your family.

The core curriculum is base on Japan Holistic Aromatherapy Society’s curriculum .

In this course you will learn not only about therapeutic massage technique but also about healing practice and energy.  It’s really deep to learn. As you learn, your energy will purify and you will be sensitive to energy.

Through lessons, your energy system will awaken and you will be able to do energy healing by the end of graduation.  You will also learn how you can make use of it.

The guidance will be provided before registering the course, you can come here and see how it’s look like and feel the atmosphere and I will explain about the course and answer your questions on the spot. It will take about 30 minutes.

This course is not just studying about aromatherapy oils and treatment skills. You will learn about energy, in other words, aura, energetic filed, ki. Everything has its own energy and vibration. They affect on each other. Once you understand about the law of energy and manage to control your energy, emotions,  it’s more comfortable to live in this world.

In the process of lessons, sometimes negative feelings or emotional feelings will come out from you, but it’s a natural process. The more you learn and use essential oils, you will know about yourself more and better and the more you aware things you have inside of you. Your energy will get more clear and pure…..

Details for  essential oils  ← Please click to see

Course Curriculum ← Please click to see

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact me if you are interested in this course. You can book for the guidance.
There are two courses, “Basic Course” and “Advance Course”   You need to complete both courses to get a certificate.     It’s possible to make an intensive course depending on a student’s situation.

*This page is no longer updated.   If you would like to see the update info, please visit
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