Crystal Healing


Crystals have a power of aligning human’s energy.

Just holding them in your hands or carrying with you, crystals absorb your negative energy and charge yourself.

The effect of Crystal Healing

Using the healing power of Crystals

*Clear and balance your chakras and subtle energy field(aura)

*stimulates the blood circulation

*Balances body systems to enable healing to take place

*boosting the immune system

You don’t need to get undressed except Hot stones therapy.
Please make an appointment in advance.

All fee included tax.

There are three types of crystal healing sessions. Each session works for clearing stagnation to make the energy flow and then Crystal Healing works for spiritually, Crystal Treatment works for body, Crystal Special Treatment works works for body and brain.

Please contact


Crystal Healing
about 60 min 5,400 yen

Clear and Balance the flow of your body energy, aura and chakras with various crystals
*lie on the futon

Crystal Treatment
about 60 min 5,400 yen

Stimulate meridian points(reflexology zone) on your back, arms, legs and soles with egg-shaped crystal.
*lie on the stomach on the massage bed

Special Crystal Treatment
about 60 min 5,400 yen

Boosting your body system strongly, clear and balance your chakras and energy filed(aura,vibration) with various crystals
Stimulate meridian points(reflexology zone) on your arms and palm, legs and soles with egg-shaped crystals
*sit on the chair for the first 15-20 minutes and then lie on your back on the massage bed for the rest of the time

*Crystal set menu

about 120 min 10,800 yen
Crystal Healing + Crystal Treatment or Special Crystal Treatment combined menu

The effect of Crystal energy get more enhanced by these combination.
Highly recommended.


 Hot stones Treatment (Crystal healing with aroma oil treatment)

about 150 min 12,000 yen +tax for Full Body (Back, Legs (sole), Decollete, arms, belly and face)

about  80-90min      8000yen +tax for Back & Legs(including sole) or Decollete, arms and belly

While placing warm healing crystals on chakras, meridian points and a area of  the body need of healing, you can receive relaxing aroma oil treatment.

It’s good for your stress, fatigue and cold body.

img_5552It’s so relaxing and warm. It’s like after taking Onsen (hot spring)
Especially in winter.  It’s amazing.    Many people always feel the body lighter and warmer after the session.

In order to give you the image of the hot stones treatment session, the photo  shows the crystals on the back, but during the session, your body will be covered with towel  after placing stones on each chakra.


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