Tokyo – Introductory Aromatherapy Workshops

You will discover how aromatherapy lessons can be a potent key to self understanding.

Bring essential oils into your lives.

1 Day workshop  
90 minutes ~  120 minutes

2500 yen ~ 3000 yen
(including material fee)

Max students: 3
It’s possible to teach from 1 person.

This lesson will focus on the foundation and basic things in aromatherapy of beginners. Learn how different scents can change and uplift your mood, how they can energetically affect physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.    Also talk about the energy and vibration of oils and human beings.
About the more details and cost is here   → ☆☆☆ click

Introductory Course  – 7 sessions 
90 minutes per lesson

This course is a brief course for a beginner who wants to learn just a little bit about aromatherapy.  You can learn about some oils and how to use it, make shampoo, room fragrance, your own perfume.  Breathing and meditation with essential oils.   We also talk about the energy and holistic approach .

If you would like to learn more about how to massage your self and others, I would recommend  the basic class  in aromatherapy diploma course.   It’s more included and has details.

Even just a short course, you may aware of yourself a lot better than before. It’s totally up to you if the lesson becomes deeper or not.

Lesson fee
17500(7sessions)+materials fee (10000) =
Total Fee : 27,500 yen

materials include 3 bottles of essential oils (Lavender, Tea tree and Orange),Shampoo, Spray bottle, perfume bottle and some portion of  essential oils

#1   What is  holistic aromatherapy ?
history, how to use, conditions to select a good essential oil
how to enjoy aroma bath etc.
feel the difference of Lavender and its energy

#2  Basic about essential oils part 1
know more about essential oils


#4  Aroma beauty
making a aromatic shampoo

#5  Good bye  to your negative emotional feelings
only this session will be 120 minutes.
hand bath or foot bath and energy work

#6  How to get relaxed
healing music and breathing
breathing and meditation with essential oils

#7  The mystery of essential oils and blending
*practice :
blending your own fragrance for yourself



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