Maternity Oil Treatment


maternitytreatmentMaternity treatment can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy especially during the last few months, when the body can begin to feel strained and very heavy.

Regular maternity aroma treatment also can be very beneficial for both mother and baby.

It may help to energize and balance, aiding a healthier pregnancy.

It can help to alleviate backache, improve skin tone and so reduce the chance of stretch marks, improve circulation, reduce fluid retension, tone the muscles, minimise fatigue and prepare the body for childbirth by keeping the whole system relaxed.

During my pregnancy, I used essential oils and used to take a maternity treatment.

IMG_7117Treatment Menu

Full body about 1hour (incl. foot bath)
– legs, feet, back & shoulder
8,640 yen

Please make an appointment in advance.

All fee included tax.


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